As the longstanding CEO of a small charity, I was concerned that I was not being challenged to keep up with the times and opportunities available. One of our volunteer advisers put me in touch with the Worshipful Company of Marketors, and I was allocated Liveryman Adrian Gee-Turner to work on our project.

My experience to date has been one of great benefit in terms of:

-how best to promote our service to existing and prospective funders, notably by specifically aligning aspects of our work to the objects of each individual funder. This has to date resulted in an increase of 21% in an annual grant from an existing funder.

-how to perceive how external funders see our service, and, as part of this, how to hone my presentations to demonstrate meeting funders’ requirements. This tactic resulted in a round of applause given at the end of my recent annual funding presentation to the local council committee who award our grant (I’ve never had that before in the past 14 years of doing this job!) . I am awaiting the outcome of this presentation. Adrian kindly appraised my presentation beforehand and made some key recommendations, which I adopted.

-being given a huge range of ideas from Adrian, to help develop and sustain the service going forward e.g. providing monthly stats to each main funder, engaging pro bono local help from other specialists to broaden the range and appeal of our service, how to improve our website using cartoon case studies for visual appeal, using anonymised case studies on our website to give prospective clients a better idea of the areas we can help them with, plus many other  to think about.


Whilst I’ve not implemented all the ideas or had a chance to consider how most or all could be adapted to suit our needs, I really appreciate the insight that Adrian’s expertise has given me and our service, with a view to strengthening our sustainability for the future in very straightened times.


With many thanks indeed,

Marion Seneschall


Citizens Advice Service in Three Rivers