The ideal disinfectant

Hygiene in Agriculture

The world is struggling to feed a growing population, and this has resulted in the intensification of livestock production systems, including poultry, pigs, sheep and cattle. At the same time, these production systems need to be sustainable, both financially and environmentally, so, here at L’Eau, we are focused on the provision of technologies that help food producers achieve those goals.

Manure dewatering machine

Animal manure can be divided into liquid and solid organic fertilisers using the manure dewatering machine. Crop absorption and utilisation can be facilitated by the application of liquid organic fertiliser.

The manure dewatering machine can separate animal manure into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. Liquid organic fertilizer can be used for crop utilization and absorption, and solid organic fertilizer can be transported to areas lacking fertilizer for use to improve soil structure. At the same time, it can be fermented into organic compound fertilizer.

How does the manure dewatering machine work?

Animal manure enters the manure dewatering machine and is propelled by screw extrusion. After the animal manure is squeezed and dehydrated, it is discharged from the outlet. It can be sold directly or made as organic fertilizer, and the liquid flows out from the outlet through the screen. Besides, the discharge port of the manure dewatering machine can adjust the water content of the discharge at any time.

Application of dewatered animal manure:

  1. The dewatered animal manure separated by manure dewatering machine are almost odorless and low in viscosity. It can be made into fertilizer to obtain additional economic benefits.
  2. The dewatered animal manure can be granulated and processed into compound organic fertilizer.
  3. It can be made into pellet feed.
  4. The dewatered animal manure can be used to fertilize cash crops such as flowers.


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