“Seawolf” First Responder Seawater Desalination Unit

Séon RO Seawolf is designed to purifier water from both Seawater and fresh water sources, i.e. sea, estuaries, streams, ponds, puddles, lakes, borehole water and untrusted municipal water supplies.

Operation could not be simpler ; red hose goes into the dirty water, switch on, press the black button to get air out of the system. Rejected water comes out of the second red hose whilst pure drinking water comes out of the blue hose.

Ideal for first responders in Humanitarian, Disaster or Crisis zones

  • Portable
  • 60 Litres per hour potable water
  • Sea Water
  • Set up in minutes
  • Integral power pack and pump

Séon Water Purification Technology is Tough, reliable, high quality mobile water purification systems designed to withstand the harshest of conditions to produce fresh, drinking water direct from source.

Technical Data
12v DC, 32A
Maximum suction lift: 3m

Power Cell / Charger
RED FLASH™ 1800 / 220-240V AC input
Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery / 14.6V DC/8A max output
12v 60Ah VRLA Battery

Operational Data
Production per hour: 60 litres per hour
Production per battery charge: 120 litres max
Water Temperature: 4-35
Feed Water Pressure: 150 psi max (10 bar)
Salt Rejection: 98.6%
Feed Water Salinity: 35,000ppm NaCl, 25oC
Product Water Quality: <450ppm

Overall Dimensions
Width: 900mm Depth: 450mm Height: 400mm
Weight: 72 kg
Inlet Hose: 3.0 m
Dump hose: 3.0 m
Product hose: 1.5 m

Product Water Certification
Full system microbiologically tested by UKAS approved laboratory

CE Market with Ingress Protection Rating: IP65